Yarns dress people, colors dress their souls

    Yarns dress people, colors dress their souls

    Yarns dress people, colors dress their souls

    Yarns dress people, colors dress their souls

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IO PAGO I FORNITORI - Associazione Industriale Bresciana

Pagare i fornitori, pagarli nel rispetto dei termini contrattuali, non interrompere la regolarità dei pagamenti è il nostro impegno.
Monticolor ha sottoscritto il manifesto di AIB (Associazione Industriale Bresciana) perchè, proprio in un momento delicato come quello che stiamo vivendo, rispettare i termini di pagamento pattuiti con i fornitori è segno tangibile del senso civico e imprenditoriale di chi fa impresa.

È il solo modo per mantenere viva la filiera fatta di tantissime aziende, di ogni dimensione e natura.



Yarn Manufacturing

Since 1993, Monticolor has grown, following the fundamental principles of quality and service and constantly increasing the range of yarns in various types and colours, always quality tested and always available on stock.

# Stock Service yarns

# Yarns for weaving

# Fancy yarns

# Yarns for socks

# Yarns for jersey

# Fashion yarns

# Yarns for flat knitting

# Yarns for circular knitting

# Technical yarns

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Stock Service yarns

Most of the offered products are constantly available on stock, in order to be able to provide the fastest delivery.

Flexibility in quantities and customization of colors with quick and precise dyeing recipes allow our customers to have a “just in time” service.

Regular contacts with suppliers all over the world enable us to always have the best quality-price ratio on our products.


High quality yarns

Quality control is carried out in our internal laboratories and by qualified institutes acknowledged by the best international brands; all raw materials are tested on arrival in our warehouse and put in production only if they pass the strictest standards.

Further tests all along the production chain guarantee a top quality level of our yarns.

Quality certifications such as Oeko-Tex, Reach and Gots provide the certainty that Monticolor products comply with the highest market and safety requirements.


Research & Development

A qualified team for style, technical and commercial aspects is constantly engaged in finding out the guidelines for collections, in anticipating new market trends and satisfying the specific requirements of customers.

# Cotton yarns

# Organic yarns

# Slub yarns

# Melange yarns

# Bouclè yarns

# Bamboo yarns

# Lurex yarns

# Cotton-wool yarns

# GOTS yarns

# Knoppy yarns

# Twisted yarns

# Injection yarns

# Thermolite yarns

# Detox yarns

# Mercerised yarns

# Deocell yarns

# Moulinè yarns

# Jaspè yarns

# Compact yarns

# Coolmax yarns

# Micromodal yarns




The special care for health and environment have always been a guarantee that our products comply with the highest quality standards.

Our certifications represent an instrument through which Monticolor gives the customers the certainty of purchasing the best products on the market.

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With the aim of granting our Planet and the future generations a world free from toxic substances. Monticolor joins Detox project, engaging therefore in eliminating all emissions of dangerous chemicals from its production chains and on a general basis from its products, starting from January 1st, 2020.


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